Racing at Adams State

I grew up in Fort Collins Colorado where I started my running career in the 7th grade. A mediocre runner in high school (I only had PR’s of 9:34 3200 and 4:24 1600), I really burst onto the scene while running for the division 2 powerhouse Adams State where I captured 16 All American honors and 6 National titles. At Adams I ran times of 13:36 (5k), 3:39 (altitude adjusted 1500), and 4:01 (mile). I contribute much of my foundation and success to Coach Martin and the Adams State program.


I met Annika at the D2 NCAA XC Championships in 2009, she was a runner for our biggest rival school, Western State. One of my teammates and her teammates had dated over the summer, broken up, but remained friends, so the Western girls were going to meet up with the Adams guys at an after-party. Annika and I met, had a few dances together, but was hardly ‘love at first sight or anything like that.

Both of us were tired (not really the after-party kind of people) especially because we were both disappointed with how we had run that day. I was definitely interested in Annika, but I think the biggest reason I asked for her number that night was because my little brother was out with us that night, and I wanted to look cool in front of him by getting a girl’s number, and try to make him think getting a number was something I did all the time (far from the truth!) Luckily Annika was interested in me as well, gave me her number, and a few days after we started texting… a lot. She was so easy to talk to, talking to pretty girls was something I had always had trouble with, but for whatever reason she was different. Over the next few months, we would trade going the two hour commute on weekends to see each other, and slowly feel in love. She lived in Alamosa with me the summer of 2010, and that’s when I really knew that she was the girl I wanted to spend the rest of my life with. I wanted to propose when I left for Flagstaff early fall 2010 and she still had another semester to finish school, I didn’t want to lose her! My brain told me that was too early since I hadn’t even know her for an entire year, and I had yet to save up for a ring. She finished her degree in December, and moved out to Flagstaff to live with me. I was able to hold off proposing until late February 2011, and she said yes!

Wedding Day!

A few weeks later, we found out that Annika was pregnant with Makenzie, quite the shock! I worried that I may have to put my running dream on the backburner, and get a ‘real’ job to support my family. The timing couldn’t have been any better, as less than a week after we found out Annika was pregnant, my agent called to tell me I was getting a contract with adidas. From then on I have been able to live two dreams at once: living as a professional runner, and starting the family I had dreamed about all my life. Annika and I got married in June 2011, then Makenzie was born in October 2011, and it seems like time has flown by since then. I see so many parallels between being a husband and father, and long distance running. There are tough times, times when you start to doubt yourself, but as long as you trust and believe in your core principles, every day becomes a little better than the day before.

Quick Facts:

DOB: May 28, 1987
Sponsor: adidas

Personal Bests:

5k: 13:20.25
10k: 27:41.54
Half Marathon: 1:01:38
Marathon: 2:12:54

Jun 1, 2011