Welcome to my Website!


Welcome to my Website!

Hello! Welcome to the brand new aabrauny.com! Thank you for taking the time to read this, and check out my new website. Let me start by explaining why I’ve built this site. I know that I’m not the biggest distance running star out there, and I’ve never really been one to try to get in the spotlight, but there’s been a few things that have made me shift the way I think about some of that.

The first is that I want to become a bigger star in the distance running world. Now, I am not one of those people who are going to try to become a bigger star simply by trying to get more attention. No, I mean become a bigger star the way people should become bigger stars: running fast and winning races. Obviously starting this new site doesn’t help propel me to either of those goals. But trust me, none of the work on this site will take away from the work I’m always doing in pursuit of those goals. This is simply a way for me to help share my story on who I am, what I’m doing, what I believe in, etc. I am also a fan of this amazing sport, and have found myself really enjoying reading about other athletes I compete against: their races, their strategies, their training, what they do away from running, etc. The combination of getting into that, and some of the things that have been happening with our sport (e.g., CGI’s decision to cut elite athlete funding) has had me thinking what can I do besides that whole running part!

Well I hope the answer to that question is this website. Here is where you can really get to know me (besides talking to me if we ever bump into each other!) There is everything from an introduction to me, my family and my running background, to blogs and interviews from over the years, to details about my recent training, to race results and upcoming races, to pictures, to contacting me to talk to running groups and so much more.

My first priority in my running career will always be the running. But while I’m exhausted after workouts, focusing on the recovering aspect of training, why not spend a little time in front of this computer to share some of my story with you?


  • Paula Howard

    29.10.2013 at 21:58 Reply

    Very impressive!

  • Jim Braun

    31.10.2013 at 14:18 Reply

    I am glad to see your web site finally up! Now you can build your fan base and people can follow your running career, especially your number “1” fan!!! Love you Bud

  • Sam Aldern

    11.11.2013 at 19:39 Reply

    Aaron, I saw your dad this morning, and he told me about this new site. Pretty cool! you are having a great career and I’m proud to know you! Sam Aldern

  • Sherry Daron

    02.01.2014 at 17:09 Reply

    Aaron, this is an amazing website! I’ll add it to my favorites and check it frequently! I’m very proud of you!
    Love ya, sweetheart!

  • Matthew Herman

    02.01.2014 at 18:40 Reply

    Hey Aaron,

    Great year!

    I have enjoyed your blogs up to date.

    Would be great to read your training progress on a weekly basis.



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